CRAFTS – fiber arts

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 crisis, we are not displaying any wearable fiber arts at the shop that you would usually try on. We only have baby items to choose (not try on an infant), handwoven towels, bags, socks, and such that you won’t need to handle.

We carry local and regional crafts – mostly fiber arts (wearable scarves, shawls, hats and homewares like blankets, table runners, and hot pads) plus yarns from local farms or hand-dyed by local artists.  You’ll also find some interesting gift basket items from notecards to fiber jewelry.

Potential consignment vendors can now download the contract and inventory form from this page. Sheep&ShawlConsignmentContract Sheep&ShawlConsignorInventoryForm

Here are some of the artists we are currently featuring:


Please see the YARNS page for this information.


We have handwoven scarves from several local weavers – Scarf wallall unique, many for year-round wear.  We also have shawls (sometimes blankets and throws), table runners, hot pads, placemats, and small rugs.  This is a small store with a small selection in some cases, but it’s definitely worth a look!

Scarves, Shawls: Ziporah Hildebrandt, plant dyed silk scarves;  Joanne Wood Peters – handpainted, handwoven; Mary Lou Splain, handwoven; Kristen Schmitter, crocheted; Anita Thompson, handwoven scarves

Hats:  Betsey Forbes knit hats for infant – adult sizes; Janice Sparko Frey, crocheted hats & headbands; Woodcock Farm local alpaca hats for adults

Socks:  Cynthia Herbert (Moonshine Design at Keldaby) – local mohair hand-dyed socks; Woodcock Farm alpaca socks and felt boot or slipper liners

Jewelry & Accessories (woven, felted):  Margaret Stancer nuno felted bags; Sarah Strong, cotton project bags; Pashya White, vintage silk small bags; Bonny Grant, pottery yarn bowls

Homewares (towels, placemats, table runners, blankets): Palmer Family Farm handwoven rugs; Anita Thompson, handwoven towels

Wooden ware:  Walt Quist, wooden swifts and niddy-noddies;  Richard Williams, wooden yarn bowls

6 responses to “CRAFTS – fiber arts

  1. Please add me to your email list.
    I look forward to seeing your shop soon.
    Cindy Barnish


  2. I would like to register for workshop, Sunday, March 30th 1 to 4 P.M.
    Pat Remillard


    • Hi Pat, I’ve got you “penciled in.” Please call to confirm your registration – 413-397-3680 – as we only have 2 spots left. Thanks, Liz


  3. Do you carry Debbie Bliss yarns. Specifically, Paloma? I know it’s one of her older yarns but would like to use it if possible. Many thanks, Barbara Volker


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