COMMUNITY & classes

We have offered many fiber arts classes, events, & workshop pre-Covid-19, including CROCHETING,  FELTING,  KNITTING,  RUGHOOKING,  SPINNING, LOOPING, TATTING, and WEAVING.  

~~  ONGOING  ~~

We encourage donations to Heifer International to buy a fiber animal for an underprivileged family in the world. Drop off some change at the counter or donate quickly and safely online at Sheep & Shawl’s donation page 

20 responses to “COMMUNITY & classes

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  7. Mary Ann Gundersen

    I’ll come in today to sign up for some needle felting classes!


  8. I am interested in taking a tatting class in late winter/ early spring.


  9. I might like to take the tatting class too whenever you do it


  10. I am very interested in a tatting class but I will be out of the area until February. Early spring is best for me.


  11. Hi Angie – no tatting classes are scheduled yet, but I hope we can try one in early Spring! watch our newsletters or the website class calendar. Cheers, Liz


  12. Will Laverne Was be coming again this year?



  13. I’m looking for an “intro to weaving” class. I know nothing, but have been in awe of some of the fiber art I’ve seen people create, and I want to dabble a little to see if this is something I’d like to pursue. Any ideas?


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